About Us The history and people behind MixerMaid

This project began in 1992. Through my daily job at a KitchenAid® service center. I noticed that we sold a very large volume of replacement attachments for mixers. This was mostly due to damage from a lack of realistic storage space. I fashioned a crude holder for my own mixer?s attachments. Soon after that, my friends began to ask me to make them a holder as well. It didn?t take too many requests for the lights to go on.

I began working on my first patent in 1996. It was issued in 1998. Due to the design at that time, the cost to build them was too high to be able to take to market. I worked on a new design. Made changes for both aesthetics, and manufacturing. I arrived at a prototype, which went through testing in a number of local kitchens. The testing brought me through a few more design changes, to what we now make.

I found a local manufacturer and developed a network of business people, which made manufacturing, assembly, packaging and distribution a reality. I submitted my new design to the U.S. patent office and am now in patent pending status, and will soon have my second patent. I then was able to launch my new product. This launch happened on November 15, 2003. Since that time I have expanded to this web page, and am exploring other sales venues.

Since I personally oversee every aspect of production I can assure the consumer that the MixerMaid I sell is of the highest quality, at the lowest cost possible. After many years of research, development, and investment: I am now proud to introduce MixerMaid!

Darrell Estep

Meet the Team The people who keep MixerMaid running day-to-day

Darrell Estep

Darrell Estep Owner & General Manager

Darrell is the creator of the MixerMaid, having over 18 years of experience working with purchasing, logistics, inventory control, equipment sales and service, shipping and receiving, warehouse operations management, and personnel management. Darrell holds a BBA from Boise State University.

Michelle Estep

Michelle Estep Co-Owner & Sales Manager

Michelle currently serves as the MixerMaid Sales Manager and operates the day to day operations of the company. She holds a BBA from Boise State University.